Analysis of billy elliot and the decisions he has to make

This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. Even though it may pass unnoticed, the soundtrack have important parts in several of the scenes.

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Billy has to find out who he really is, what traits he want to bring with him, and what he wants to leave behind. The class differences are in the movie showed in different ways. Also, if they decide to do something, they carry out their plan, even though it affects themselves in a bad way.

First of all we have the working class, represented by Billy and his family.

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When Billy doesn't say anything, Jackie fears the worst. The big question is, will all this benefit the family in the future? He describes dancing in an off-the-cuff, uncontrived way, and his expressiveness mixed with his lack of pretensions wins the interest of the skeptical adults in the room.

For the most part, all Billy receives from his dysfunctional family is abuse and negligence which does play a role in motivating him to follow his dreams and prove them wrong.

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Billy Elliot: Conflict of Parenting & Pursuit of Personal Desire