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Family is a complicated organism, Juno learns, and it can't just be cookie cutter perfect. The ecological theory refers to the process of interaction between the systems and within through a bi-directional influences.

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At the end, Juno and Bleeker get together and they realized their feeling to each other. Together they find Vanessa and Mark Loring Jennifer Garner and Jason Batemana nice yuppie couple who seem eager to finally raise a child of their own.

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The baby already has fingernails? The central theme of the story revolves around the struggle to understand the terrible things that inevitably happen to those we love and to ourselves.

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Juno likes the Lorings, and in some respects has found who looks to be a kindred spirit in Mark, with whom she shares a love of grunge music and horror films. However, s Juno was a different story. So are these women idols for young girls. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. Rather than a stereotypical depiction of the female body as sexual object, sexual desire is visibly expressed and acted upon by the girl character. If Juno has decided to keep the unborn child, how is she going to raise the child? Although Juno has received praise for its originality, the story is most notable as a surprisingly familiar cultural fairy-tale. A Minnesota native, Cody imbibes her writing with an offbeat selection of pop-culture references, delicately drawn themes, and a plethora of innovative takes on otherwise familiar characters. Indeed, even when she is bullied at school, she recognizes that the reasons she is ostracized are also the reasons she is special.
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Analysis of the Movie "Juno" Essay Example