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Malcolm X had spent years battling the worst examples of racism in the US. Lola Hendricks ' nine-year-old daughter, Audrey Faye Hendricks — was the only child in her class to participate in that protest. As it was Saturday night, many had been celebrating the agreement that had been reached and had been drinking.

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The president told her she could expect a call from her husband soon. When Gaston looked out the window and saw the children being hit with high-pressure water, he said, "Lawyer Vann, I can't talk to you now or ever. The decision to ignore the injunction had been made during the planning stage of the campaign. Malcolm also had some concerns about the behavior of their leader Elijah Muhammad. Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. The Nation of Islam believed that black people were superior to white people and that white people were evil. His family moved around often while he was a kid, but he spent much of his childhood in East Lansing, Michigan. In the spring of , before Easter, the Birmingham boycott intensified during the second-busiest shopping season of the year. He came to Smethwick in the West Midlands after hearing of plans to stop black and Asian residents buying houses. As it was Saturday night, many had been celebrating the agreement that had been reached and had been drinking. For six weeks supporters of the boycott patrolled the downtown area to make sure black shoppers were not patronizing stores that promoted or tolerated segregation. King , in the Ensley neighborhood.

My people are out there fighting for their lives and my freedom. Fred Shuttlesworth called the injunction a "flagrant denial of our constitutional rights" and organizers prepared to defy the order.

Bhm malcolm x project

White religious leaders denounced King and the other organizers, saying that "a cause should be pressed in the courts and the negotiations among local leaders, and not in the streets". James Bevel borrowed a bullhorn from the police and shouted, "Everybody get off this corner.

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He worked odd jobs, but also turned to a life of crime.

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The day I called Malcolm X to fight racism in Birmingham's white only pubs