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Liberal education ought to champion the virtues of freedom. The legislation has two more sections of particular interest to FIRE. Right to the disclosure of athletics plans and expenditures The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires the disclosure of athletics information including male and female undergraduate enrollment, number of teams and team statistics including the number of players, team operating expenses, recruitment, coach salaries, aid to teams and athletes and team revenue HEOA, And they teach all students to indulge a cavalier contempt for the supposedly simple-minded elements of due process, which for centuries in the West have protected individuals against the abuse of power.

In addition, the curriculum should require study of the great moral, political, and religious questions, and the seminal and conflicting answers, that define Western civilization.

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Unger ruefully described the academy that he had recently entered. The phrase "due process" is found in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U. Supreme Court on Due Process in College Hearings Looking at the evolution of case law pertaining to due process in the non-criminal setting may help us better understand its requirements.

But unless we are compelled to defend our true opinions, they grow stale. In Tinker, a group of students wore black arms bands to protest the Vietnam War.

Commonwealth of Virginia found that a woman mistakenly admitted to a men's military college was entitled to remain enrolled. Campus disciplinary procedures treat individual women as pawns to be manipulated in a larger struggle. And law professors do what is in their limited power to cultivate thoughtful lawyers. Scalia stands watch over the right flank of the Scalia household. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. The statement offers guidance in reconciling the struggle against sexual misconduct with the imperatives of due process. The concept of due process has come to embody the essence of fair decision making in criminal, civil, and administrative law. And they have hollowed and politicized the curriculum.

Board of Trustees of Butler County Community College found that students are not entitled to due process rights when appealing rejected admissions applications. Much better for professors, given the incentives for professional advancement entrenched by university administrations, to offer courses that focus on small aspects of arcane issues.

Some may suppose that the very notion would be anathema to Justice Scalia and the originalist jurisprudence he championed. This narrative originated among radical feminists but it has been widely internalized in universities. The cause of their delusion is that the rightward extreme of their intellectual universe extends no further than the center-left.

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Curtailed Speech, Diluted Due Process, and Politicized Curriculums Are Ruining Higher Education