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Obviously, Amazon is a dominant player in online book and ebook retailing. Reinvigorate your backlist. Accessing new markets is one thing, but understanding what works and what strategies have impact is another. Vearsa Analytics puts all your sales at your fingertips. Different business models? When it comes to publishing an ebook, Amazon is the first thing many people think of.

As we said it in our article about pricing strategies : there is no one size fits all solution. In the US, the number of readers using a dedicated ebook reader has remained the same from towhile of those reading on tablets, smartphones or laptop substantially grew.

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Just open your mind to new retailers in PublishDrive with a simple click. New Zealand, however, does not have a country specific Amazon store: its sales are added to the US numbers.

Why would you do that, especially if you already have your own ebook converted? The US market Based on data collected by the authorearnings. Amazon Ebook Market is not the only store for reaching your readers.

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