Failure of haleeb juices

haleeb milk research project report

They are the pioneers who introduced packed milk for the first time in Pakistan. The production process started with UHT liquid milk. There are many other reasons as well as for Haleeb is not paying attention towards their advertisement.

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This is the reason that we hardly finds any ads on T. Hence, Dairy Queen Milk was launched to increase their market share and to boost the consumption of packed milk.

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In fact, sales of Haleeb Milk are more in Lahore than Karachi, which shows the nature of threats that have been posed by Olpers to seasoned players like Haleeb Milk in dairy industry. A good product can fail if it is not properly promoted. The price of Dairy Queen is relatively lower than both the competitor brands but higher than the price of loose milk.

Failure of haleeb juices

Humaira has told us her experience with Haleeb milk. The advertisement techniques used by Haleeb are so last year. In order to provide best quality products to its consumers, HFL has a well-developed supply chain infrastructure. Keeping in view the volume potential and increasing growth trend of the market, the company has recently inaugurated a second independent UHT plant at Rahim Yar Khan. They have shown five or six uses of their milk in one advertisement. References Following are the references that I used during our research:- 1. Haleeb Dairy Queen Milk is a well known brand of Haleeb Foods Limited which is introduced for the first time in , to cater the segment of drinking milk in Pakistan. There must be surveys conducted to know the exact demand of consumer. It has been most productive for Haleeb Foods Limited since their operations. On the other hand, what has been done by milkmen is that they add substantial amount of water in milk, which dilutes it and affects its purity. Due to its strong positioning of the thickest milk for best tea, it has the highest top of mind awareness and penetration in the dairy industry of Pakistan. Haleeb Foods has a highly professional management team with a progressive operating style. Taking advantage of this fact, many national and multi-national companies started their operations in Pakistan related to dairy products. But they must invest more in it to make it more profitable as tough competitors like OLPERS and Milk Pak are still in competition and trying to grab a handsome portion. Target market should be 9 youth and equal distribution of products in mostly consumed areas should be made compulsory.
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