High schools providing day care services

Why high schools should not provide daycare

Report this Argument Con I've read the article, and I find this absolutely nothing relative to the topic debate of daycare services in schools. However, when the School-Age Child Care Project surveyed day care centers, over half of them reported that they were connected in some way with public schools. Google Scholar Copyright information. Google Scholar Gardner, W. Through the provision of day care, the school increases the number of young mothers entering and remaining in the school. They will be there, not because they are prodigies, but because their parents are high school students. Share This Story.

Report this Argument Pro I invite my opponent to take a look at this link an it will tell you why getting your high school diploma is important. A daycare in college?

Pros and cons of high school child care programs

Some students need to get their education and some moms need the support from their school to help take care of their child. Pediatrics ,51 — At the same time, we don't want it to be a sink-or-swim situation. So, if we give the teens mom a chance of education, then we need to support them in anyway we can so they would be able to still fulfill their dreams. However, their schooling can become a reality only if accompanied by child care. According to sophomore Jenn Grage, you have to learn how to sort through conflicting accounts of what happened. Share This Story. For those parents who previously dropped out of school, New Futures offers preparatory classes for a high school equivalency diploma. Today young women around the world have children mainly for accidental reasons.

In areas with high teen pregnancy rates, many school officials assert that the community must strive to prevent teens from dropping out of school.

Toronto: Canadian Education Association, Albuquerque's New Futures school, opened inhas a capacity to care for 75 babies and is always full, according to Mrs. Redleaf, Rhoda, and Mary Jo Olson.

cons of high school daycare

They do not have to put a center in the school if they don"t want to, it is not required. I mean YOU had a chance to not have unprotected sex, and now we are going to have a service for you, because you lack the cognitive ability to make a choice?

With a teen parent support program established inGotham Schools have provided extra support and day care assistance for teenage parents for nearly three decades.

High schools providing day care services

As the cost of day care is considered to be relatively high, some school and community leaders feel that these support programs should be the first to go in order to protect the educational focus of the non-parent students in schools. This CNN news clip illustrates the issue.

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Family planning services for indigent women and girls.

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