How to write an effective testimonial

Surprisingly, this typically means adding testimonials to your about page. Pictures legitimize the testimonial further and in many cases, increase conversions manyfold. Leave a comment below.

consulting testimonial examples

Not only was this lovely lady three years my senior a huge obstacle at that ageshe was also assistant to the Chief Executive. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. For your testimonials, keep the focus tightly on supporting the value proposition you build through the rest of your landing page.

In this way, testimonials are an important form of social proof. The easiest way to structure such a testimonial is to write a 3-act business story. Each testimonial highlights different features, goals, problems, and solutions related to the brand.

After taking the course, I entered a photography contest and came in second place. In other words, you could have written it yourself and posted it on your website.

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How to Write a Testimonial (with Examples)