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Jane Eyre was originally written in and was heavily influenced by the late gothic literature of the 19th century. I was struck with wonder" Even as she dies, Mrs.

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Charlotte Bronte 's novel Jane Eyre embraces many views in opposition to the Victorian gender limitations. In addition, Jane, who is greatly disappointed by her aborted wedding, tries to help St John and Rosamond have a good chance at marriage by telling the parson that Rosamond is interested in him Vol. Had the marriage of Jane and Rochester been possible, the latter would have provided her with a much warmer home than St John. The foil s of Jane Though Blanche, from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, thinks that opposites attract and thus that she will marry Rochester, Bronte has different ideas about foils. Rochester is much different as he succumbs to temptation and love. Reed hates Jane, although Jane did not do anything wrong. That it is alright to give up your values for the sake of love? This conjecture describes Miss Ingram's extravagant methods of capturing Mr. Related Papers. Jane speculates, "Surely she cannot truly like him

John stems from his heinous usage of Christian doctrine, using religion no differently than an imperialist nation, as a weapon disguised as a blessing.

Because Mrs. Reed, Jane feels angry and suppressed. Reed show very different sides of her personality. Another striking contrast between the two is how they express their feelings for Mr. With Miss Temple, she is serene and calm; with Mrs.

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Among these different verses is the best possible attire to maintain an appearance of humility. In addition, Blanche only wants Rochester as her husband for his money, and for the title of a wife.

While Jane was in the room, Blanche speaks loudly and rudely of her without a second thought.

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