Mcclouds explanation on the use of varying levels of realism and various uses of images in comics

What may be safely assumed and how much information is necessary?

Understanding comics chapter 4

For example a time gap of 10 years between two frames or one frame set in Paris and another in London. With his definition he is able to extend the history of comics beyond the point the first comic books were produced. The scene shows agricultural processes. He considers some modern day comic artists who draw whole page compositions for example Will Eisner. Panels from Thief of Thieves Vol. Posted on September 22, by LaurenE. He calls this phenomenon 'masking'. Pop art arose when a number of artists became interested in the images of mass media, advertising, comics and consumer products. Living in the line. Images are intended to quickly communicate a particular appearance of a character, object, location or symbol to the reader. What possible relationships may the comic reader be required to interpret between two panels? Notes 1. He shows "The Tortures Of Saint Erasmus" from as an example of how our thirst for gruesome violence has not changed very much. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.

These panels from Thief of Thieves, illustrated by Shawn Martinbrough, show an iconic representation of the character as he is running away.

For example two people in a conversation, the first frame has the first character speaking the second frame has the second character replying. At this point a character icon has enough detail to let us know it is a character we can invest in but not enough detail so we can identify that it does not look like us.

Source: Scott McCloud. In conclusion, using these elements in conjunction with one another will produce the best results. When drawing is realistic and the writing is more sophisticated. Increase the height of the panel to decrease the time represented.

Iconic abstraction definition

In this way, imagines are crucial in composing a particular effect on the reader. He observes that with sound effects or speech bubbles. McCloud says that this 'world' of comics will change and this will be a great debate. McCloud explains that we are living in an increasingly symbol-oriented culture. The 'reality' vertex would have the most 'realistic' icons the detail in the icon compared to the thing it represents gradually decreases the further from the 'reality' vertex and closer to the 'meaning' vertex. A word about color. New York: Kitchen Sink Press, The faces of the characters are all very detailed and can been seen to be a specific person. Robert S.

AND A realistic environment near to the reality vertex Placing a sensation rich environment around a character the reader strongly empathises with is a way to really draw the reader into a world.

McCloud says that this 'world' of comics will change and this will be a great debate. This said, not all comics contain images. All the points are close to the 'representational' line.

mcclouds definition of comics
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'Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art' by Scott McCloud