Mcdonalds india value chain

Dynamix has helped set up 15 bulk cooling centres throughout the district from which it purchases milk. Since McDonalds know about the customers it is serving, it is able to communicate well and achieve its marketing goals. We also want our product ingredients to be produced in ways that contribute positively to the development of sustainable agricultural and food manufacturing practices.

mcdonalds secret sauce for supply chain success

This instant feedback and the rejection of the entire tanker-load forces farmers to follow the best practices in terms of animal husbandry, use proper feeds, cut down on the indiscriminate use of pesticides and animal medicines and completely stop even the slightest attempts at adulteration.

Keeping that in mind McDonald places considerable emphasis on developing a menu which customers want based on market research and market testing.

Easy accessibility has enabled farmers augment their income by finding a new market for surplus milk.

Mcdonalds india value chain

Its also very efficient, which is why we are able to consistently offer our customers safe and quality food at an affordable price. It was required that our suppliers for the top six categories beef, poultry, packaging, toys, potatoes and buns would provide online data for the top nine markets.

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McDonalds India Supply Chain