Nature of tourism as an industry essay writer

Nature of tourism as an industry essay writer

These places are often not well policed. Despite the aforementioned differences, similarities also exist between ecotourism and other forms of tourism like sustainable tourism, adventure tourism amongst others. For this reason, tourism cannot be considered as something unimportant and it not even occurs without a planning. It also estimated that the cruise ship produce more than 70, tons of waste each year. However, the rapid growth of tourism seriously changed the way of life of the local citizens; they are ready to come up with it, because it will bring additional economic values to their region. In tourism industry, hotels are one of the most important organizations for providing services. Tourism is considered to be the crucial contributor of green house gases in the atmosphere, thus adversely affecting the environment. Secondly, the usage of vehicles, which use gasoline and produce the same effect. In cases where tourists are given an opportunity to learn from the available environment with the help of tour guides or game rangers, they are awarded the same opportunity of acquiring knowledge just as those seeking such knowledge from ecotourism areas availed to them by local community members hence the difference between them is narrowed.

Some places are not rich in the opportunities for economic activity, because of the inconvenient location, bad climate, limited or poor resources and the size of their cultural heritage. Without it, humans cannot survive hence the essence to conserve and protect it.

Rodrigues, In addition, the sites chosen for excursion purposes may determine them as tourists.

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The result is that the Masai who once co-existed with the animals of the savannah now come to regard them as pests. The Masai people in Kenya have been moved out of their traditional lands because of the demarcation of National Parks for eco tourism.

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It can also lead to local environmental disasters: the catastrophic degradation of vegetation, erosion, landslides, loss of beaches, etc. Hector was a conservationist who was very influential and took part in lobbying for wetland conservation in relation to the flamingo. Employee behaviors are defined as various consequences of actions carried out within an organization Hanna et al. No wonder Malaysians like celebrations and social events. According to a U. Tourism is considered to be the crucial contributor of green house gases in the atmosphere, thus adversely affecting the environment. On other side, customers are continuously seeking those companies whose are fulfilling their basic needs, expectations and giving them prestige after purchasing services in a service company. Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that protect the environment and improve the welfare of local people International Ecotourism Society TIES , The tourism industry in Malaysia as the world's most attractive industry, as well as become of great significance in the economic and social development. They are settled on land next to the reserves. Church attack, sending the wrong message to foreign tourists always advertised as Malaysia harmonious national whether it's a gourmet paradise, multicultural society, however, the Department does not receive information event in tourist arrivals in Malaysia, we are monitoring the development through our overseas offices. Peninsula impressive infrastructure, coupled with the beautiful scenery, the fun of travel is not a chore.

Recently, the advantages of ecotourism are still being debated. Customer service contains verbal and non verbal behaviors between service provider and customers Clive Muir, and effective customer service is achieved through combining these four areas: the services provided by service sector, the customer service employees hired by service companies, the customers served by service companies and the service managers hired by service companies; customer service can be broken if there is any disturbance in one of these four areas Layman, This is draining for them and affecting lion numbers.

According to a U. The main focal points include sustaining the natural environment itself and contributing to help local communities understand the importance and value of their adjacent environment.

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The Nature Of Tourism And Travel Essay Example