Paragraph writing a rainy day

There would hardly be anyone who despises it. He believes that hard work, consistency and dedication are the mantras of success in life. Getting drenched in the rain during winters can result in catching cold and cough.

a rainy day story

On a rainy day, the poor suffer more than the rich. We also had delicious momos that were being sold there. I just love to snuggle into my blanket reading a love story.

Lines on rainy day for class 1

On rainy days, our father drops us to the school by car. I so wanted to open the window but did not for the fear it would wet my uniform and school bag. When I stood up, my legs started to hurt. All the crops may be washed away. Conclusion So my idea of rainy day is to spend my day with my family and enjoy the beauty of nature. Me and my fantasies…! The land may go under water. I was a sorry sight. I did not notice that I was too close to the road. The view from the gazebo was simply awesome. A day laborer suffers most on a rainy day. Me, my sister and two of our friends from the neighbourhood go to our terrace and enjoy the rain. The growth of their crops depends largely on the rains.

We could hear the sound of thunder and lightning since mid night and heavy rain was expected during the day. There is so much and so beautifully written about the scenic beauty of nature. It started raining and the bonus was that there was no teacher in the class.

In an attempt to spend it well some people just get perplexed with so many ideas and end up ruining it. We sat there looking at the rain-drenched flowers and trees as we sipped hot coffee and ate momos.

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Paragraph on Rainy Day in English