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Eight Members for Tibet. It shall be responsible for the trial of civil, criminal, and administrative cases and the disciplinary punishment of public employees.

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China Express is different from International EMS in aspects of posting specifications, business processes, customs clearance, and distribution channel. When over two fifths of the Delegates to the National Assembly request that an extraordinary session be convoked. Based on the argument that the Japanese surrender did not formally transfer sovereignty, Taiwan was still legally part of Japan and occupied by the United States with administrative authority for the occupation delegated to the Chinese Nationalistsand a direct intervention was appropriate for a territory with such status.

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Like the China Post Small Parcel Service which is for the delivery of items below 2kg, the large package has normal mail and registered mail classifications.

Article In the Control Yuan, there shall have an Auditor General who shall be nominated and, with the consent of the Legislative Yuan, appointed by the President of the Republic. Weights and measures.

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The Constitution of the Republic of China