The important role played by pre colonial african women leaders in trans atlantic trade and politics

They performed religious, social and political functions within the community; provided training for young people in group life; and provided avenues for socialization and companionship which were very useful and integrative factors in society. The works of the Greek philosopher Aristotle were studied there, as well as subjects such as law, various branches of philosophy, dialectics, grammar, rhetoric and astronomy.

In short, while these societies varied greatly and were governed in different ways, they were all developing according to their own internal dynamics. For instance, women from the north Mahi, Bariba, Hausa, Dendi were preferred to those from the Yoruba country, as well as from Adja and the Mono basin.

african slavery

Governmental Structure At the very top of the centralized government were the Asantehemma or queen mother, and Asantehene or king. Furthermore, Duncan reported that the market at Gooba also " was a great market for the sale and purchase of slaves ".

Some peoples were skilled miners and metallurgists, others great artists in wood, stone and other materials. It was gold from the great empires of West Africa, such as Ghana, Mali and Songhay, which provided the means for the economic take off of Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries and aroused the interest of Europeans in western Africa.

The omu and her cabinet fixed the prices of market goods and defined market prohibitions. In a few cases it was reported that the slaves for sale were chained or linked to each other with a rope.

Assuming that the population of the kingdom of Dahomey was about one million, this would mean about In the 16th century, one of its most famous scholars, Ahmed Baba —is said to have written more than 40 major books on such subjects as astronomy, history and theology and had a private library that held over 1, volumes.

She made sure market taboos were observed, and arrested wrongdoers and brought them before the omu court. Lionel Abson, Miss Abson was finally kidnapped and carried off to Abomey by the king's messengers on the king's orders.

Many of these societies had solved difficult agricultural problems and had come up with advanced techniques of production of food and other crops and were engaged in local, regional or even international trading networks.

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Africa before Transatlantic Enslavement