Why did stalin implement the five

Nevertheless Stalin had apparently committed himself to a radical economic stance by the late winter ofif only as a means of striking at his foes, and the power struggle had begun again in earnest.

results of stalins five year plan

Furthermore, we could not know just when the imperialists would attack the U. Current History—a magazine propagating the views of American bourgeois historians and ideologists of the U.

But the impression I have, after seeing it again after two years, is that of a nation making solid progress, planning, creating, constructing in a way that is striking challenge to the hostile capitalist world. Unless we save heavy industry, unless we restore it, we shall not be able to build up any industry; and without it we shall be doomed altogether as an independent country.

The results of the five-year plan have shattered the thesis of the Social-Democrats that it is impossible to build socialism in one country taken separately. And this point of view is imperative not only in regard to industry, but also, and to an even greater extent, in regard to the collective farms and state farms.

Workers are learning to operate the world's most modern machines; peasant boys make and use agricultural machinery bigger and more complicated than ever America has seen. The NEP had been Lenin's response to a crisis. The city would become the largest steel producer in Russia and was meant to rival production that was being seen in the U.

There was nothing in the figures for the fiscal year of that committed the ruling Party to a Five Year Plan of the scope eventually announced. True, the importation of machines and tools is actually increasing in absolute figures; but the proportion of imported machines to those of native production is steadily diminishing.

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Why Did Stalin Introduce the Five