Writing a press release for an art exhibition

press kit for art exhibition

It is all about the art after all, right? The rest of the press release is considered the body of the release and it will contain the following components: Dateline The dateline contains the date of the press release and this is a very important component to the reader to see if the news is old, new, even newsworthy or still valid.

While it may seem like a small detail, this is critical for the authority of the press release, since it allows the reader to determine whether the press release is new or old.

exhibition announcement sample

Image Your press release should feature one image from your show. What should the press release include? You may also include two or three relevant social media links.

art show announcement sample

These paragraphs should both be short, with no more than five sentences in each. On a formatting note, be sure to format each word in the headline with the first letter capitalized and include relevant details.

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How to write a press release for an artist